Safe and affordable e-Health for everyone

Today’s >65 year olds do not want to wear a pendant with a panic button – they don’t want to demonstrate that they are old and needy (because that’s not how they feel and who they are!). They are conscious about their lifestyle.

Trivoly Life! offers a discreet solution, using a tiny disc with fall detection and powerful biometric sensors (heart rate, hydratation, temperature.)

Via the proprietary app users can add up to 5  loved ones (children, neighbour, etc) as a first response group in case of emergency. If the Trivoly Life! device detects an issue (a.o. fall, dehydration, heart failure) an emergency alert is sent to this trusted circle, which they need to respond to within a specific time

If the trusted circle doesn’t respond in time, only then a connection is opened to an  external emergency reponse center for follow up

Users only pay for the use of an emergency response center if and when they actually need it – no high monthly fees for nothing Today’s personal emergency response services cost more than $35 per month… The Trivoly Life! service comes with double the functionality for just $10 per month (so everybody can afford it)

Trivoly Life! goes live in the US in Q4 2017.